As retailers, we continue to be excited about our relationship with the MODZORI team! This company supports the retailer and the customer exceptionally. The new line is terrific and here in Cambridge has created much excitement and awe with the new line. Leon is the best and handles the business component of Modzori with head and heart... thanks for having Norwood Boutique as suppliers in partnership.


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Audrey Sturdivant, Owner
Norwood Boutique, Silver Spring, MD
Norwood Boutique


I can tell you many stories that I have heard from my customers during the past three months, since we've started carrying the Modzori collection. Customers tell me that they have been followed in malls, parking lots, on the streets — but the most hilarious is the one about one of my customers who went into the mall's restroom and while inside the washroom cubicle, a woman from an adjacent cubicle grabbed her ankle and said, "Before you leave, I have to know where you got those shoes!


My staff and I are all big believers in the Modzori line. Within 3 months we have placed numerous reorders and sold hundreds of Modzori shoes. The demand for the Modzori collection is intense and is becoming stronger and stronger everyday.

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Zoya Lexter, Owner
Hot Foot Boutique


When we received our first order of Modzori convertible shoes in our Tucson, Arizona store we didn't know what to expect from our customers. We sell high end footwear and our customer base is in a slightly older demographic than what we originally thought the Modzori collection was designed for. There was so much excitement from the customers from the moment we unpacked the sandals and started showing them. I have never seen such an excited reaction from customers before. We received the Modzori sandals about mid afternoon and sold 8 pairs the first day, but the best part was the very next day when women were coming into the store wanting Modzori shoes. All day women were saying that they had seen the Modzori shoes on their friends who had purchased them the previous day and that they had to come in to get a pair for themselves! Our customers love the concept, the look, and the fit. We reordered the very next day. Not only is Modzori a great new product, but it created a lot of buzz for our store and generated a lot of traffic.


Thank you Modzori,

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